Are our kids growing up in a safer world than we did?

man in uniform with burns maskThe recent graphic images of dying refugees, coupled with threats of a bombing campaign in Syria made me stop and think about what my daughters think of the world around them. 

Do these events frighten them? Are they scared for their own lives? How different is the world in 2015, compared with my upbringing in the 70s and 80s?


The image above is taken from a TV movie shown on the BBC in 1984 called Threads

At the time, as a school kid, this was a huge deal. 

The film showed what would happen in the event of a nuclear attack on Sheffield and the fallout thereafter.&nbsp
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How Enid Blyton helped shape an early CRM system


Customer Relations Management feels like a very modern element of how to run a successful organisation, but it’s not a new invention.

When the legendary Biddy Baxter started at Blue Peter in 1962, she set up what she called a ‘Correspondence Unit’.

Enid Blyton
As she explained to Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs, this unit came about as a result of an experience she had with Enid Blyton.
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Gift or bribery?


Gift or bribe?

I’ve been reading the bloggerblackmail furore with interest over the past 24 hours.

The uproar within the blogging community is simply the latest in a centuries-long struggle over whether gifts constitute a generous act of benevolence, or simply an unsubtle bribe.

Nothing new here
My dad used to tell me a story about what he liked to call ‘political correctness gone mad’, relating to his experiences dealing with external contractors in his career working in London councils.
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