What a difference a year can make…

Last February, A was just coming up to her 2nd birthday and saying two-word phrases at most. Her preference was for individual utterances.

Today, a month from turning 3, A made this statement, while looking at CDs.

I don’t want to dance to the Sugarcubes, I want to dance to the Ting Tings!

How time flies…

One thought on “What a difference a year can make…”

  1. Now the Ting Tings are good… but give me Bjork any day ! Particularly with Einar’s offbeat random shoutings in the background !

    Good to see your blog still full of the wierd and the wonderful. Have to say your Ludlow kitchen cupboard was as bizarre as you made it sound.

    Let me know about June / July weekend dates and I’ll show you the best sights of Leeds / Bradford….

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