Why ‘strong and stable’ is an irritating, yet clever, strategy

Strong and stable sheep
If you have any interest in the current General Election – and are on the left-side of the debate – the relentless repetition of the phrase ‘strong and stable’ by Theresa May won’t have escaped your notice.

And yet the latest research from polling giants YouGov show that only 15% of Brits have so far heard the phrase.

This is not a surprise because the election campaign is still in its early days, and you can guarantee that the phrase will continue to be used at every possible opportunity.

Why? Simply, because that what’s all good strategies involve. Endless repetition. Continue reading

How to practise

Wynton Marsalis
The acclaimed jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis came up with his Twelve Ways to Practice (sic) back in 1996.

Even though his forte is music, the lessons are as relevant to most areas of learning, as they are to becoming a music maestro.

For example:

Concentrate: You can do more in 10 minutes of focused practice than in an hour of sighing and moaning


Don’t show off: It’s hard to resist showing off when you can do something well.”

Inspired? Read the full list

Why ‘Call The Midwife’ is the most culturally and politically significant programme on British TV

Call The Midwife started as a quaint, conventional story of a post-WW2 midwifery practice in East London, based on the memoirs of a real-life midwife – Jennifer Worth – and quickly became a Sunday-night ratings success for the BBC.

Now into its sixth series, the setting may not have changed and the tales of expectant mothers in poverty still abound, but the tone and import of the show has grown and grown. Continue reading