Things I remember from school

Tongue rollingWe always think that we learnt nothing from school, don’t we?

Well, tonight I discovered that some things do stick. I got home to discover that Ava can now roll her tongue.

The conversation went like this:

C: Well, you and I both can, so of course she’ll be able to
Me: No, that’s not true. It’s an example of discontinuous variation

Yup, the fact that Ava can roll her tongue has nothing to do with genetics.

I actually felt quite smug. Next, I’ll be remember what caused the Liberal Party’s fall from power in the 1920s. Answers on a postcard, anyone?

No, Charlotte, we were there first

Charlotte Church is reported to be fuming that Myleene Klass has called her newly-born daughter Ava, claiming it was her idea.

The Welsh warbler has been conspicuous by her absence from the world of celebrity in the past few months, while Myleene worked right up till the last minute, going into labour directly after presenting BBC’s The One Show.

The reason I find this story both amusing and pathetic is twofold. Firstly, you can hardly lay claim to a name, even in the world of celebrity and even if you’re Charlotte Church.

Secondly, Charlotte Church clearly didn’t get their first with ‘Ava’. Admittedly, it’s not the most popular name, but that was exactly why we called our daughter Ava almost 18 months ago.

Back then, we were pleasantly surprised by everyone’s reaction to the name (you can tell if people don’t like it) and were slightly perplexed that many weren’t exactly sure who Ava Gardner was (the inspiration for the name).

If Myleene’s daughter grows up to be even mildly famous, at least our little one can say to friends: “I got there first!”