Is Facebook starting to bite the hand that feeds?

Facebook logoOn Wednesday 29th June, Facebook announced a major change to its algorithm. Detailed in a blog post, the VP of Product Management Adam Mosseri said:

“Today, we’re announcing an update to News Feed that helps you see more posts from your friends and family”

Most people would find it hard to disagree with that notion. After all, Facebook is where we go to catch up on friends’ baby news, gnash teeth at colleagues’ holiday photos or share a picture with our relatives. Why wouldn’t we want an improvement on that?

The algorithm change comes at the expense of brands, however. Concerned that people are bombarded with too much branded content, Facebook has decided to make it more difficult for you to see it.

For the general punter that’s great, but for people who work in social media for a living and have to get their posts onto people’s radars, it’s a nightmare. Continue reading “Is Facebook starting to bite the hand that feeds?”

MadMinds Europe 2016: Digital is hard, but fun


I’ve just spent a couple of days at the MadMinds Europe 2016 conference, where I spoke, but also listened to some excellent presentations and people about their successes and frustrations.

Here are 6 insights I gleaned from the 2 days…

1. Digital is blooming hard work

There’s occasionally the external perception that when someone launches something new,  or even creates a new app, that it took just a few weeks.

In fact, I still hear surprise from non-digital folks that you can’t just ‘knock up a new microsite’ in a couple of weeks, much less whether it’s even the right idea.

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Why we need to be more inclusive than ever in our daily life

After a General Election the one thing you can guarantee is knee-jerk reaction and hysterical responses by supporters of whichever parties lost.

And so we have seen following the surprise Conservative victory in the 2015 General Election.

None more so than the assertion by philosopher Rebecca Roache that Labour supporters should unfriend any Tory friends on social media.

Quite aside from the sweeping generalisations about people who support the Conservative party, Ms Roache’s suggestion will only serve to cement the problem that existed on social throughout the whole election campaign: namely that we surround ourselves with people who think the same as we do.

The shock to many (in which I include myself) on Friday was that we couldn’t believe anyone could vote any differently to us.

And here is where we fall into Nigel Farage’s oft-quoted ‘liberal metropolitan elite’. We don’t hear the opposing voices, or at least we dismiss them.

What we all – no matter of your political leaning – need to do is to spend more time listening to each other and understanding our concerns, hopes and fears.

We need to debate and discuss and talk through what each other thinks. Let’s actively seek out those with differing views.

Each of us may not manage to persuade the other to change opinions, but at least we’ll be less surprised by the outcome.