First steps… woohoo!

Forget all the frustration and worrying if you’re a good dad, or not. Forget the fact that she always wants to go to Mummy before Daddy.

No matter how little sleep you get, or how clingy your children are when you want to do something that you consider is important, there’s nothing that brings a smile to the face more than a milestone.

Yesterday, even though she didn’t realise she did it, Ava took her first unaided steps! I picker her up to move her from one side of the room to another and put her down on her feet and she casually took 3-4 steps forward without me holding on, before realising that she was going solo. She promptly plopped onto her bum!

She did it again later, but neither Ceri or I think she realised the scale of her achievement, which I guess is quite cool. Even though we were there cheering and clapping!

It reminds me of when I first learned to ride a bike – you’re pedalling away furiously with mum or dad running along next to you, holding onto the bike, or so you think. Then you take a quick peek to the left and realise you’re on your own. There’s that brief feeling of “wow, I’m riding a bike on my own!”, before you career violently off to the right into a neighbour’s privet hedge!

More frustratingly, it then seems to take loads of attempts to do it again, even though you know you can do it. I guess that’s the sort of thing that spurs us on!


  1. How wonderful. I don’t have kids nor can I ride a bike … but I’m sharing a little bit of joy. I witnessed my nephew’s first steps about five Christmas’s ago, and I certainly did my share of cheering and hollering to a bemused little boy.

  2. I’m glad someone can relate! It was incredibly funny, because my poor daughter had no idea what the fuss was about!

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