Time, time, time

Sang Simon and Garfunkel (and sadly, The Bangles) – although I think they were referring to it in a slightly more esoteric sense, rather than the stuff that I never have!

I know children take over your life, but it’s ridiculous sometimes! I look around and see countless things that ‘need doing’ – that dread phrase that basically means you’re a slack arse!

From cleaning windows, to fixing the blind, via downloading camcorder footage (and editing) and backing up the laptop (which is pretty crucial). And that doesn’t even count all the boring everyday things, such as washing, ironing, hoovering, cooking Schmoo food, etc.

I know I read the paper (in brief) and try to catch up on my two monthly magazines I subscribe to, but seriously, and I know C would agree, personal time is so limited… If it amounts to any more than 30 minutes a day, I’d be surprised,

Who’d have kids, eh? Well, I would!

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