There’s something about Schmoo’s smile that makes all your cares disappear. No matter how blue I’m feeling, if I get a smile from her, its lifts the mood.

I’ve been feeling pretty low recently, so much so that I’ve been signed off work for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, I know I can count on the smile and laughter of Schmoo. Now powering around the room, taking more and more steps every day, she’s is a total delight.

C & I are amazed sometimes at how happy she is, nearly all the time. Whether it’s wanting to read her favourite books, or walking up and down the landing with her truck, she makes the world light up around her.

Fortunately, this proves a welcome relief from feelings of loneliness and depression that I’ve been experiencing recently.

People ask you what causes it – if only it was that easy to pinpoint. I know there are a combination of factors, but nothing really stands out. Depression seems to bring on some sort of paralysis… nothing that you normally do day-to-day gets done, because you don’t want to. You eat crap, you feel crap and you think everyone around you is crap, regardless of how supportive they’re being.

Thank goodness there’s always a smile to perk me up slightly

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