Words start to come easy…

Schmoo is so funny at the moment. She’s understanding more and more of what we say to her and with hilarious results.

Although she’s walking very confidently now, she still, inevitably, has a habit of putting random things in her mouth that she has found on the floor.

In an effort to stop our fingers getting scythed off by her mini fangs, we now ask her: “What’s in that mouthy?” Her response is to open her mouth up as wide as she can manage and turn and laugh at us, going “Aaaah!”

She’s also beginning to say more and more words. “Cheese” and “cat” are the latest ones, both of which are hilarious.

On the debit side, currently, her teeth are still bothering her and she’s waking up at ridiculous o’clock nearly every morning. Starting the day at 5.30am is not the easiest in the world – shattered doesn’t cover it and I don’t even have to look after her every day like Ceri!

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