My Internet Celebrity

Spotted on the Guardian’s PDA blog, there’s now a way of getting your Internet Celebrity rating thanks to

Clearly, I don’t do very well, although another site called Qdos does it better and differently, taking into account all the sites you’re signed up to and how popular you/they are. – the next stage!

I’ve been a big fan of for over two years now – a brilliant way of keeping track of the music you listen to and an ability to find people who share your listening tastes.

Well, it’s nearly time for the next stage in their development. They’re currently allowing users to test out their open beta site.

It looks very different – much more white space and more than a couple of echoes of other well-known social media sites.

Genius new functionality is the library – a fantastic searchable online archive of all the music you’ve ever listened to.

There are lots of doubters among users, but you’ll never please all of the people all of the time.

Personally, I like it a lot. It feels fresher and more modern and there’s far more space. I’ll be sad to see the old site go, but am looking forward to the new beta site becoming more permanent.

The perils of Web 2.0

Social media is a fairly big part of my life.

I’m a member of various social networks, such as, Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo to name but four and am connected to a variety of friends, business contacts and other people I’ve only ever met online.

But, and here’s a big but, I don’t connect with anyone I don’t vet or know first.

Thus, it was a minor irritation that I got at least three separate invites on different social networks over the weekend from someone I didn’t know called, get this, Joe Respondto.

How ridiculous is that? What a pitiful attempt at spam – calling yourself Respondto! It’s not even clever…

It also seems as if I’m not the only person who’s been getting similar invitations.

So, for those of you out there who have been silly enough to accept this person as a friend, make sure ‘he’ can’t get hold of any important, or sensitive information!