Bloody DFS!

SofaI know that Christmas is getting closer and that shops have started advertising all their fantastic offers. That’s par for the course.

What I don’t want just yet is any Christmas music. Look at the weather, for god’s sake. It’s sunny and 15°, not snowing and -5°.

So why on earth are DFS playing Mariah ‘bloody’ Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You on their current advert? Like that makes me want to go out and buy a new sofa!

Yes, I know if you order now, you can get it in time for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear a fruit-loop superdiva trilling away on my radio when I’m in the shower in the morning.

Next thing we know British Gas will be plugging their boiler service using Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

Just to round off this slightly bah humbug post (even though I’m not really that way inclined), enjoy Weird Al Yankovic!