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  1. Hello Rob, I’ve just sent the below to Thameslink/Govia. Good luck with everything you’re doing.

    Dear Sirs,

    I recently travelled on one of your new Thameslink trains and was excited when the train pulled up to the station, to see that it was the new Siemens 700 class.

    However, as I know you are fully aware, the train is just awful and my heart sank as I rode on my journey, at how badly the powers that be have got his wrong.

    I’ve since been doing research on what other train users have said and can fully understand their gripes and the total mess that is unfolding – I should add I do not ride these trains on a daily basis and Thameslink is not my line, but it has cemented in my mind that I could never move anywhere where Thameslink is the service because of the below.

    The train seats are so uncomfortable, how and why has this been allowed to happen. Will DfT look into this?

    There are no arm rests. I know this has been done to accommodate more people, but this isn’t a tube. Will DfT look into this massive over-site as any journey longer than 20 minutes will be hellish.

    No tables and table trays. I know DfT are changing this, will they add tables too?

    The seats are too small and close together. I am 6 ft and sat in a very uncomfortable position on what was only a short journey. The window seat does not allow ones feet under the chair in front because of the bracket, who designed this. Will the DfT look into this terrible design floor?

    All in all I am so glad I am not on this line but feel a strong sense of solidarity to those poor souls who have to ride this train, everyday!!

    I know you will say you have to make room for x amount of people and there has been a consultation to get to where we are etc. etc. but I’m saying is this the best you/we can do? Is this the reality of commuter travel in 2017, an uncomfortable tube in all but name?


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