IM meets Facebook

Possibly the most exciting to happen in Facebook for a while.

Mike Butcher on TechCrunch UK reveals that an IM client that works inside Facebook will finally launch this Friday.

Could this kill the likes of AIM or MSN?

The chances are no, clearly, but surely a lot of people will be tempted to simply message within Facebook, rather than having to bother loading up a specific messaging service, especially, if they have friends on more than one already.

A lot of people already do their socialising within Facebook – this will simply encourage people to do it even more.

Called FriendVox, it’s being launched by Techlightenment, the company behind the brilliant Bob Dylan application, so it could be pretty cool.

Beat the IT system!

IT geeksMany of us are finding that our workplaces are banning/barring us from doing certain things online.

From an inability to access Facebook/email to not being allowed to move large files, having a computer at work is becoming more of a chore, than a joy.

So big kudos to the Wall Street Journal for this great online post about how you just might be able to outfox those guys who live somewhere in your building laughing about Star Wars, wielding huge bunches of keys and talking about proxys, dongles and other words that are gibberish to most of our ears.