Miami shock

I’m sitting here reeling from the shock that CSI: Miami has been voted as the most popular TV programme worldwide, narrowly squeezing ahead of Lost and Desperate Housewives!

“CSI: Miami – pah!”, he splutters into his coffee cup, muttering obscenities… How could the world prefer the dubious charms of David Caruso’s Horatio Caine over William Petersen’s laconic and learned Gil Grissom.

OK, so “Miami” has a bit of sun, but the characters are far less engaging and interesting. Clearly, I’m a huge CSI: Las Vegas fan and for good reason. It has great characters, with subtle and believable development over time – not the ridiculous plot strands that have cropped up in CSI: NY, for example.

In Petersen, the show has a frontman of unimpeachable quality, who really cannot be bettered. The support cast is quite phenomenal, particularly Jorja Fox as Sara Sydal and Eric Szmanda as Greg.

And in case, there’s any doubt as to why the original is better than its Florida offshoot, let this be the last word: Beard beats Ginga everytime!

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