Overnight stays

MY three-year-old stayed the night last night and, although it’s great fun when she spends Saturday night here, it’s never quite the picnic it should be.

She’s very strong-willed, although incredibly loving and caring, but that pair make for a tricky concoction. Amazingly, given that Schmoo didn’t settle till 9pm, 3YO stayed asleep the entire night and didn’s stir. Thank goodness.

3YO didn’t want to go to see Chicken Little (probably a wise move) at Kids Club on Sat, so we spent the day around CP. We checked out the aquarium shop, which has some wicked snakes, lizards and fish for sale. Always interesting for a young one – if only to see different wildlife up close, I think.

I guess, I find the most difficult thing, having almost zero money and being constantly tired, and not mentally alert. For someone who prides themselves on having a quick brain and sharp reflexes, I feel as dull as a 20-year-old razor blade!

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