What does it take?

I’m not obsessed by recycling (see previous entry), but sometimes I find it tough to understand what’s so difficult about it.

Most councils give you a box or bags in which to put your bottles, paper, plastic, cans, whatever and they then collect every week or two from outside your front door.

I live in a coach house, that is attached to a building made into flats and I just don’t get it when people like my neighbour consistently getd rid of their bottles in the rubbish bin. I mean, why? How tough is it to put them in an orange bag? Can you seriously not have heard or read how important it is to recycle stuff?

I could assume something sweeping like, “he’s too young to understand it”, but the guy’s in his mid-20s and owns his flat, so he can hardly be accused of lack of responsibility.

What’s more irritating is that the orange recycling bags are put in the entrance hall every week before collection… and he has to walk past them to get to his front door.

I know, I should get a life and start worrying about other more important things… but hey, isn’t the environment important enough?

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