Nesbitt Who anyone?

James NesbittSo, according to reports, BBC bosses are lining up James Nesbitt to be the new Doctor Who, when David Tennant quits at the end of next series.

There has been outrage in certain quarters, suggesting that this is a terrible choice, almost akin to Sylvester McCoy’s stint as the TimeLord (although maybe that’s a little harsh).

For starters, anyone who saw Nesbitt in the BBC’s recent drama Jekyll would surely agree with the decision. The Irish actor blew all those Cold Feet preconceptions out of the water with this portrayal of Dr Jackman and Mr Hyde.

Secondly, I seem to remember people being a little surprised and worried about Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant and Billie Piper, when they were announced in their respective Dr Who roles and each of them has acquitted themselves brilliantly.

Ecclestone was a revelation, as many people didn’t think he could do the “comedy” side of things. The best compliment I can pay the super David Tennant is that it’s tough to remember Ecclestone even did the first series.

As for Billie Piper, she totally confounded the sceptics, who thought it was a sort of publicity stunt and a way to boost the ratings. She was brilliant!

The three recent series have all been great and I don’t doubt that any future ones will be equally fantastic. I’m already looking forward to seeing Nesbitt “driving” the Tardis…

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