Princess Diana tribute single – why, oh why?

Tomorrow is, as the entire UK media and beyond have not been shy at reminding us, the 10th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.

Although I personally can’t see it, I understand why people want to celebrate/mourn/commemorate the passing of her, but it has, to my mind, gone too far.

Yes, she had a profound effect on many people and did a lot of good work to raise the awareness of things like Aids and landmines, but essentially she was just someone from well-born blood who ‘mismarried’ into the Royal family.

That aside, what I can’t understand this year is the need for a tribute single that’s currently available to buy on iTunes. Tribute singles are meant to be recorded in response to a disaster of some sort, such as Band Aid, Ferry Aid, USA for Africa, not because someone died 10 years ago.

What adds to the direness is that the single is pretty shoddy and, while written for laudable reasons, is a pointless and futile exercise.

Hopefully, after this year, the Diana ‘train’ will disappear into the distance for a while and only get brought out on less frequent anniversaries – for all our sakes.

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