Propaganda – Duel

Some songs remind you indelibly of a certain moment in your past. Some just remind you of being a kid – this is one of those.

Propaganda’s Duel is such a fantastic song and deserves to be remembered and listened to more often.

Bask in its 80s’ industrial new-wave glory!

One thought on “Propaganda – Duel”

  1. Oh HELL yes, Rob! I love how her voice gets harder throughout the song, if it’s the version I’m thinking of – although normally her voice grates a bit. I can’t listen to it (youtube blocked, boo!) so I’m not certain which version it is. There was a fabulous 12″ version though, which – thanks to you – is going to be my next vinyl purchase.

    Did you ever hear the 1,2,3,4 album? Claudia wotsit didn’t seem to feature much on it, if at all – I think it was some American chick called Becky something (you can tell I’ve done my research) who did most of the singing. It had a couple of great songs on it, but mostly it sounded like a different band.

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