Russell Brand, bog off!

Russell BrandThe newspapers have been filled with extracts and reviews of Russell Brand’s new book, an account of his time as a hardcore drug addict, before he cleaned himself up.

The most prominent one today was that he once introduced Kylie Minogue to his coke dealer, while he was working at MTV.

All very amusing and probably an entertaining read for a couple of pages, but I just wish Mr Brand would just disappear.

As you can tell, I’m not particularly enamoured of his sense of humour. It seems to me that he’s a one-trick pony, combining elements of Jonathan Ross and Kenneth Williams into his act, but unfortunately the worse parts of each.

I guess I don’t quite get his appeal. He talks a lot in flowery language wears skinny jeans and scarves and has apparently slept with lots of famous women. That aside, he doesn’t even seem to be that funny.

Maybe I’m getting old and just don’t appreciate ‘young’ humour any more. but surely I’m not the only person out there who thinks he’s a charlatan (to use Brand’s own flowery vocabulary).

3 thoughts on “Russell Brand, bog off!”

  1. You clearly don’t fancy him. I think he’s dead funny, and, in my limited personal experience of the man in person, a jolly good egg. He ought to play more on his intellect than on the Dickensian vagabond schtick now,as it’ll stand him better for the future.

  2. Err, funnily enough, no, I don’t fancy him, Clair.

    He’s just one of those people I just don’t get and he irritates me enormously. But then, I look at him as a sort of Radio 1 comedian (even though he’s on Radio 2) and I haven’t listened to Radio 1 in about 15 years!

  3. This guy is a complete waste of space. His whole schtick seems to be making fun of what he’s just seen. He’s the kid in school who goes “that fat kid just fell over” and proceeds to mimic the fat kid to high acclaim.

    It’s not big, it’s not clever and pretty much highlights the mental level of the British public today that he’s even tolerated. Why can’t he be the victim of a random knifing? UNFAIR!

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