iPod rage

iPodMy intention today was to take up Cliff’s challenge and see if my iPod was in sync with my life.

Unfortunately, my iPod decided to wipe itself completely while connected to my work computer this afternoon.

And when I say wiped, I mean wiped. We’re talking not a sausage left on it. From Aaliyah to Zager and Evans, the whole lot has gone.

Obviously I’ve got them all backed up at home and as I sit here writing, my ‘restored to factory settings’ iPod is being synced up with my iTunes.

I suppose it just really bugged me, though, because it proves how easily a music collection can be erased.

And for all those people who reckon that downloads are the future, my experience is exactly why CDs (or another similar format) won’t go away just yet.

Because, if your iPod goes gaga and you lose your electronic music, you can still rip your CDs all over again.

Thank god!

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