Make money by blogging?

I’ve been offline for a while what with child illness and lack of sleep.

Today I returned to this space and thought about what to post and absolutely nothing came to mind. So I did what I always do and look at the regular blogs I check out.

One particular post caught my eye on Web Worker Daily, concerning making money through your blog.

I can understand that people are out to make a fast buck, and there are specific niches and areas that could make money, but seriously, do some people blog deliberately to make money?

Sure, I know you can stick some ads up and hope that your traffic nets you the odd dollar or six, but I thought most people blogged for the fun of it, not as a revenue stream.

God knows, if I tried to make money through this blog, I’d probably owe Google/whoever a cheque or two, not be waiting for one.

The WWD post does make this point and also suggests that people blog to raise their persona and make connections… hmm, I guess this is true, although if anyone I know workwise actually bothered to read this blog, they’d probably never employ me in an editorial capacity ever again.

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