Richard Bacon’s tainted life

Richard BaconOnly the Daily Mail could make someone’s wedding day sound slightly tawdry from their description of the groom.

‘Shamed former Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon…’ runs the opening to the story, which actually is more about the fact that Bacon got married and postponed throat surgery, so he could make his big day.

I know that scandal follows you around, but Richard Bacon was sacked from Blue Peter, after being snapped sniffing coke, 10 years ago. That’s right, not last year, not 2 years ago, not even 5 years ago. This happened in 1998.

Since then, he’s forged a successful radio career and has left the scandal and his kids’ TV roots far behind.

I do find it amazing that things follow people around, regardless of whether they carry onto to have a successful career, or not.

Does the Daily Mail really even need to mention it?

OK, so he was stupid to get caught, but it’s hardly even worth mentioning, is it? How irritating must it be always to be remembered for one small thing, rather than all the other big stuff you’ve done elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “Richard Bacon’s tainted life”

  1. Hear hear, Rob. I like the ol’ Bacon (and not just in a sarnie – those were the days). One of life’s naturally funny peopel.

  2. Chris Evans was absolutely right at the time of the ‘Bacon affair’ when he said that rather a lot of people in the media are doing exactly what Bacon had been – including quite a few journalists, who are always quick to sling a bit of mud. It was just that Bacon got caught out, which he should have been a bit worried about, seeing as he was a children’s presenter and all. But now he isn’t, and frankly, can do whatever he likes as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, or frighten the dogs or the horses.

  3. I think that’s the thing that riles me… the same with people having a go at any celeb for enjoying certain recreational pleasures. The journalists are probably worse than most celebs and I don’t buy that crap about ‘being in the public eye’.

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