Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig as James BondSo the title of the new Bond film has been announced and, inevitably, criticised immediately for being impossible to understand.

OK, so the Quantum of Solace isn’t as immediately understandable as You Only Live Twice or The Man With The Golden Gun, for example, but it does have a certain mystery about it.

In fact it has echoes of a Philip Pullmann novel, an adaptation of which Daniel Craig has recently starred in.

The title actually comes from an Ian Fleming short story, published as part of the For Your Eyes Only collection back in 1960, so it’s genuine enough.

And for all the doom-mongerers out there who think it’s too esoteric, just be thankful the producers didn’t go for one of the other titles from the same collection

Can you imagine hearing about James Bond’s latest adventures in The Hildebrand Rarity?

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