Peter Andre – legend?

DavidOne of my guilty pleasures is listening to Smooth Radio in the morning – one of the benefits is that you hear a wide variety of music…

As a commercial station Smooth does, of course, have adverts and one of the recent ones caught my ear the other week.

It advertised an upcoming gig playing at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls and the O2 Arena on the Thames at Greenwich.

The event is being put on by none other than David Gest and is called David Gest – My Life! A Musical Extravaganza.

The former Mr Liza Minnelli is giving us the opportunity to see ‘live on the show… nine legendary acts‘.

Wow, I thought. Who are these legendary acts? Shalamar, Freda ‘Band Of Gold’ Payne, Russell Thompkins from the Stylistics, Coolio – yup, I’ll just about go with them.

But then right at the end of the list was a slightly odd name – one to whom I would never ascribe the term legend. The name was Peter Andre!

Yes, Mr Katie Price is apparently some sort of living god, according to David Gest. Shurely shome mishtake?

2 thoughts on “Peter Andre – legend?”

  1. Well I guess they did meet on the Celebrities in the Jungle programme so possibly David Gest has a different view of Peter Andre than the rest of us.

    When I first saw the title of your post in my rolling blog list my brain misread it as “Andre Agassi” and being that Wimbledon is upon us I immediately clicked over to see what you were writing about the tennis legend!

  2. I take your point, EB, although Gest and Andre appeared on different series of the show, so it wasn’t even as if they shared the same experience. Peter Andre just seems to out of place on the bill, that’s all.

    And the thought of getting Peter Andre and Andre Agassi mixed up quite amusing :oD

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