Why BT and Peter Jones don’t fit

BT (otherwise known as British Telecommunications) decided that Dragon’s Den entrepreneur and millionaire Peter Jones was a genius fit when they replaced Gordon Ramsay with him in their current Gremlins ad campaign.

The idea, of course, is that if Jones used BT, he’d never have a problem with his IT ever again.

All well and good, but Jones is a multi-miilionaire who flies around in private jets and helicopters. He’s not going to call up a helpline himself – he’d have a flunkey to do it for him.

Equally, I can’t believe he sits an office such as the one above, allowing someone to say “Don’t work too late,” to him as they leave.

As much as he tries to pretend otherwise, Peter Jones is a social tier and financial class above the average business user. Sorry, BT, own goal!

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