Sod Giles Coren: A hurrah for sub-editors everywhere

So Giles Coren has been exposed for being the complete and utter arse that he always appears when on TV.

Disappointingly, the Guardian chose to allow Lucy Mangan to get away with championing the writer and not putting in a good word for subs.

As someone who has been on both sides of the fence, I have sympathy for writers and subs, but I find myself siding with the unsung workhorses of any publication.

While the, often semi-illiterate, writers take all the plaudits, the general public are often unaware that many a scribe’s turgid prose has been cleaned up and made publishable by a sub.

Sadly their trade is being undermined by being the first ‘group’ of journalists to be thinned out when budgets get tight – a big shame.

As for Coren himself, if his ‘joke’ was so abstruse that he really felt the need to explain it, then it clearly can’t have been a very good one.

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