What you see through a front-room window

I was walking home the other night from the chip shop and couldn’t help spotting a TV flickering through someone’s front-room window.

It was one of those 95-inch screen jobbies that you can see from space, so I was hardly snooping… anyway, that’s by the by.

Who should I see on screen but my former History teacher from school. And having Googled him, I now discover that Alex Kershaw is an author of some note and repute.

He was a talking head on one of those History Channel documentaries about WW2 from what I could tell and, even though it’s almost 20 years on, he looked very similar to how I remember him.

Alex Kershaw was one of those teachers you love as a pupil. As a sixth-former studying Contemporary History, it was pretty cool to be taught by a 24-year-old teacher almost fresh out of university with a passion for left-wing politics and bags of charisma with it.

I remember one particular trip into London to go to the Imperial War Museum when he was happy to take a few of us to the pub before the proper business of the day.

For some reason that escapes me now, the watering holes of London were left untouched, but the sentiment was there.

The moral of the story here, though, is keep an eye on people’s front room windows – you never know who you might see.

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