Who needs the TV for the Olympics?

Beijing Olympics 2008I don’t know if you’d noticed but there’s quite a big event going on in China at the moment!

Yup, the 2008 Beijing Olympics are dominating the BBC’s schedules and it’s tough to listen to a news bulletin or open a newspaper without seeing some sort of report on the events.

In previous Olympic years, I’ve only been able to watch the action on the telly – let’s call it the old-school way of enjoying the action.

But 2008 is a different kettle of fish. Because I have a young daughter who’s obsessed with Peppa Pig, watching Olympic Breakfast on the BBC is out of the question.

So I’ve resorted to listening to Radio 5 Live with Nicky Campbell and Sheila Fogarty and it is dynamite coverage. I really makes you appreciate how difficult commentating without pictures is, but also how great it is listening to sport, rather than watching it.

I listened to both Nicole Cooke and Emma Pooley winning their respective medals, as well as some rowing coverage and boxing too. It totally transforms your opinion of the sport and is absolutely riveting.

And, of course, the other way I’ve been getting my Olympics fix is the internet. And the BBC’s coverage via the iPlayer has been fantastic.

Whether you watch it live, or catch up with highlights, it’s brilliant. Thank heaven for the internet!

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