Why it’s not just Timmy Mallet that will get a boost…

Timmy MallettAs Timmy Mallett’s ‘career’ receives a boost with his appearance in I’m A Celebrity, there’s an increasing worry that he’s getting ready to re-release his abominable version of Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini that he somehow managed to get to No.1 back in 1990 under the guise of Bombalurina.

It’s not that the former Wacaday presenter doesn’t deserve another (let’s hope) brief shot at fame, but let’s not forget that his short pop career was masterminded by none other than the (Dark) Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Bombalurina is, as any fewl nose, a character from Lloyd-Webber’s phenomenally successful musical Cats, but it was also the name given to Timmy’s group which Lloyd Webber produced, hence the Cats link.

Andrew Lloyd WebberIn fact, Lloyd Webber had previous form at entering the pop charts undercover. Along with a guy called Nigel Wright, he made a song called Tetris, using music from the computer game, under the name Doctor Spin. The track charted at No.6 in the UK charts in 1992 – amazing.

I know ALW has gained some sort of cool status again for his appearances on BBC’s Joseph/SoM/Oliver reality series, but that’s surely no reason for him to make more money and re-inflict IBTWYPDB on us again, is it? Surely Timmy Mallett alone is enough?

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