Cupboard love?

A wardrobe perhapsWe’ve just been away for a week to lovely Ludlow, the slowest town in the country – now famed for its culinary delights, even though many of the original leading lights have left.

Ludlow is a wonderful example of a market town – we saw 5 markets while we were there of varying types – filled with old timber buildings and plaques at every turn detailing which Earl or other nobleman used to own the building.

Our accommodation was a garden flat in an old building, next to the town’s main arts centre, the Assembly Rooms, just off the main Market Square – all creaky floorboards, old wooden furniture and a teeny bathroom.

The piece de resistance of the flat was the kitchen, though. As you see can on the left, there was what looks like a wardrobe in the main room. Useful for storing our clothes in, we thought.

From the side, the wardrobe looked pretty normal, but no, we were very wrong. The wardrobe/cupboard was actually our flat’s kitchen – see below.

Hidden behind the doors was a Baby Belling, a mini sink and draining board, plus a microwave, kettle and toaster. Not to mention cutlery, kitchen bin, crockery, pans, etc…

Ingenious, yes, but why on earth couldn’t the landlady have just put in a little counter. Believe me, it gets really annoying to have to open a wardrobe door just to turn on the kettle, turn on a tap or out something in the bin!
Nope, it’s a kitchen

One thought on “Cupboard love?”

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