How to Crack a Master Lock

How to Crack a Master Lock

submitted by alexis about 1 week ago

“How to Crack a Master Lock”




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bugmenot 0 points 6 days ago
Why do you need to apply upward pressure with your genitals?

pdanforth 0 points 3 days ago
Epic js win.

bugmenot 1 point 6 days ago
oh god, thank you for the laugh.

wes.morrow 3 points 6 days ago
what does it mean when it says, “Seven of these numbers will be between two digits.”?

NoMuffinsForYou 3 points 3 days ago
I’m concur wes.morrow, what does “seven of these numbers will be between two digits.” mean?

gusdavis 2 points 1 day ago
I concur – very difficult way of describing the logic. A step by step example of the combination’s to try might explain it better. Either that or this is a fake tip.

eatmoreart 0 points about 16 hours ago
This works! The “seven of these numbers” bit should say “seven of these numbers will be between two PRINTED digits”. Cause it refers to where the dial stops when you are pulling it, and the fact that there are only multiples of 5 printed on the dial. The other numbers are just tick marks. Work through it, it’s pretty awesome and clearly explained.

igoicolea 2 points about 15 hours ago
I dont get it. If you look at the number chart of the third step, any number can be the third digit in the sequence.

xlr8ed 1 point about 14 hours ago
I think you made it even more confusing eatmoreart. Now I’m totally lost and it’s getting frustrating. Does anyone else know how to make these steps easier to understand and/or follow? Did anyone else get to the end and have it actually work?

flatcoke 1 point about 7 hours ago
It worked for me. For many of you folks, try it then you’ll get it. 1. “a number between two digits” actually means “a position between two numbers”. For example, your dial may stuck at a position exactly on a number, say 34, or a little bit off, say, between 33 and 34. Only the exact dial positions are valid. And there are 5 of them. When your dial is “locked” in step 1, continue apply pressure and turn it a little bit. it turns back and forth a little bit. For example, one “locked position” is between “34.1” and “34.8”. This is not a valid number where a position that turns a little bit between “34.5” and “35.5” is a valid number, 35. Again there are 5 of them. four of which ends in the same digit. The only different one is your true third number. Then find your true third number from step 3 out of the four position options(marked by arrows) and follow the directions. You are only gonna use the three-row number group for your true third number. ignore other three set of numbers.

For all you prospective criminals out there, this makes lock picking, errr, a little bit easier

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