Mad Men meets Barbie

It had to happen eventually – the ultimate US icon of Barbie has teamed up with the current TV perfection that is Mad Men.

But these are no ordinary Barbie and Ken dolls that you will be buying for your kids to play doctors and nurses with.

Oh no, Mattel proudly calls them their Barbie Fashion Model Collection, a premium-price collectors’ series for adults. There will be between 7-10k models made and they could be yours for a mere $74.95 each.

They’re not planned for release till July, so you’ve got a bit of time to save up!

Personally, if I was Christina Hendricks (aka Joan Holloway), I’d be a bit miffed that I’d been reduced in size. Her doll looks positively waif-like, while Don Draper doesn’t cut quite the same dash as ‘Ken’, as he does in the actual show.

Full story at NY Times

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