Student protests – the real media view?

So this week the student population of the UK finally wrested back the spotlight from the French with their protests in Westminster.

The image that adorned the front page of most newspapers on Thursday was the hooded student kicking in a window at Tory HQ in Millbank.

For all the world, it looked like one of those images that was caught spontaneously by one lucky photographer. That is until you get the wide angle view.

There must be at least 40 photographers and an equally large number of TV cameramen all crowded round – surely a set-up sequence, if ever there was one.

What makes it even more farcical is the bored look of the fluorescent jacket-wearing policeman in the background. Couldn’t he have at least made an effort to stop the protestor? Was he worried he’d get lynched by the media for ruining the perfect photo-opportunity?

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