Why the Labour Party also-rans could benefit from user research

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn knows his audience
As Jeremy Corbyn’s coronation as the new Labour Party leader draws ever closer, I’ve been amused by the whinging from those who are scared about the likely outcome.

As anyone who works in digital knows, your primary aim is to focus on the user/audience first, find out what they want, and then align messaging and organisational goals in tandem.

Ultimately, all the prospective leaders want Labour to present a credible opposition to the Conservatives and win the next General Election in 2020 – that’s the goals sorted.

Appeal to the audience
What I haven’t seen much of from most candidates is tailoring their messages to appeal to their audience, ie Labour supporters (both current, lapsed and prospective).

I don’t claim to have done much research of my own into these ‘users’, but the apathy being shown to everyone except Jeremy Corbyn pretty much shows that he’s been listening to his audience, and engaging with them on the issues that matter to them.

We all know that people who aren’t engaged by a brand ignore it and go elsewhere.

This is what appears to have happened with Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham.

They may have sorted out their objectives, but what they’re saying doesn’t resonate at all with the audience.

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