Failure to take responsibility is the worst thing a boss can do

It probably won’t be a surprise to find I don’t particularly warm to Paul Nuttall and UKIP.

I don’t agree with their politics, so have very little time for them. However, recent news has made me have even less respect for the UKIP leader than ever.

I’m not talking about his pretence that he had close friends who apparently died at Hillsborough, which is pretty indefensible anyway.

No, what’s really riled me is that he has allowed his press officer to take the blame.

Regardless of who made up the lie, Nuttall should accept the blame. If you lead a team you are ultimately responsible for mistakes. 

It doesn’t matter if someone else committed the howler, publicly you take the hit.

His inability to take responsibility – for me – has proved that, as a man, he is not to be trusted or taken seriously.

If you’re in charge of a team, you take the flak when it goes wrong and shine a light on those that did the great work when it goes right. That’s the mark of a true leader.

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