‘Great’ example of client feedback

NASA logo
I’ve just read an interesting piece on the story behind the NASA logo – not the insignia, but the famous ‘worm’ design (above) that was introduced in the 70s.

One particular part of the story made me laugh and reminded me how difficult it can be to make intelligent comments about work an external company/agency produces.

It concerns a conversation between NASA’s Administrator, Dr. James Fletcher, and the Deputy Administrator, Dr. George Low:

Fletcher: “I’m simply not comfortable with those letters; something is missing.”
Low: “Well, yes, the cross stroke is gone from the letter A.”
Fletcher: “Yes, and that bothers me.”
Low: “Why?”
Fletcher: (long pause) “I just don’t feel we are getting our money’s worth!”

You may laugh, but I think we’ve all probably said something similar without thinking.

If you want more examples of hilarious client feedback, have a look at these.

Stuff No One Told Me

Love this new blog I stumbled upon today, in the vein of Stuff White People Like, but adorned with lovely images by the Barcelona-based illustrator (and blog author) Alex Noriega.

Some entries are funny, some are simply truisms, all look beautiful.

Go on, stick it in your RSS Feed – you know you want to.

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