Fry’s delight

It was Stephen Fry night on BBC4 last weekend and, among other features, there was a very candid interview conducted by the critic Mark Lawson with Mr Fry.

Although they covered many subjects, one of the most interesting and illuminating for me was Stephen Fry’s much-publicised depression.

I’ve always found Fry an entertaining and extraordinary man – his intelligence and wit make him a bit of a hero of mine – and his battle with bipolar disorder make his achievements even more amazing.

As someone who has also suffered from depression, it was interesting and refreshing to hear someone so famous and revered talking about symptoms that rang so true for me. Admittedly, my experiences and symptoms have never been as crippling as Stephen Fry’s, but to hear him talking about how normal it has always felt to have suicidal thoughts really hit home.

Admitting you’ve had thoughts of that ilk is looked upon as quite scary by those who don’t understand, but it’s always felt quite normal to me.

I love QI and many of Fry’s other artistic achievements, but thank goodness for Stephen Fry where depression is concerned.