Hard as nails!

I’ve been away (not physically, you understand), just not posting for a couple of days.

Not quite sure why… maybe I had writers block, or more to the point it was flippin’ busy at work and I’ve been doing normal stuff in the evenings, like putting blinds up (whew, what an exciting life).

Anyway, thanks to Wendy for this particular contribution to my blog:

Hard as nails

It’s great to know that I’m laughing at exactly the same thing as someone at the other end of the country!This video first surfaced a couple of years ago and I distinctly remember a few of us at work watching it over and over again. It is hilarious, although probably not to everyone’s taste. It still makes me almost wet myself now and that’s only thinking about it!

It reminds me of a time when I was at school and one particular lunchtime when I was in the school library with Dave Milton and Ady Ledger (goodness knows where they are now) and something made us laugh. So hard, in fact, that we were literally crying with laughter. (Of course, I can’t don’t know what it was that was so pant-wettingly funny, although I do recall it had something to do with paper hats – go figure)

You know that laughter that, no matter how hard you try and stop, you just can’t. Your sides ache and you know that, actually, you possibly would feel better if you stopped laughing, but you can’t.

Well, this video does that to me!