Happy Saturday

I’m sitting here enjoying the perfect Saturday…

I’m listening to Jonathan Ross on Radio 2, with a beautiful cup of steaming hot black coffee (decaff from the Monmouth Coffee House) and watching my beautiful daughter sitting in her chair, smiling and laughing

I worked from home yesterday, so it almost feels like a long weekend, even though I did actually work.

The sun is out and it’s such a great temperature – OK, not so great at night, but I’ll always prefer to be warm than cold.

So what have I been up to this past week? Not a great deal of note, really. We watched a superb movie on DVD the other night – Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. It stars Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer and was extremely enjoyable. It plays with the whole fourth wall concept and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also credits the audience with a bit of intelligence, which is sadly lacking in movies.

So what’s it about? Well, the basic plot is Robert Downey Jr is a thief, who becomes an actor, who then turns into a pseudo-private detective, teaming up with proper PI Val Kilmer. There’s also a woman involved (Michelle Monaghan) and a ridiculously convoluted plot, but it made me howl with laughter and is definitely worth renting…

I’ve also just heard the new track from The Dears – great stuff. I’m a big fan, although Ceri always complains , because it’s too depressing.

Anyway, I’d better get on with my great weekend!

I look awful!

So I did the Stormbreaker press junket today – yeah, yeah, I know it sounds grand, but what happens is that a load of you sit in a room with not enough seats, and then are called into these rooms set up with a couple of cameras, loads of lighting and your designated “star” to interview.

Today, I had the job of posing questions to the lovely Alicia Silverstone. My verdict? She’s definitely had her lips done and her hair was ironed straight to within an inch of its life. She also had that glazed look on her face, as if to say, “Omigod, another irritating journalist, who’s going to ask me all the same questions”.

I also quizzed the star of the movie, Alex Pettyfer, along with the author of the books, Anthony Horowitz. Again, both perfectly pleasant, but ultimately, very posh. I don’t know – what an upbringing does for you!

Anyway, the point of this ramble is that at a press junket, you get two cameras – one pointing over your shoulder, shooting the star. And another pointing over aforementioned celeb’s shoulder, filming you.

I saw about 10 seconds of my tape and realised how awful I look. My voice sounded good enough, but wow, my face looked as if I’d spent all weekend asleep with it pressed down the back of the sofa!

The bags under my eyes each contained about a tonne of coal each, I hadn’t shaved (bad mistake) and my hair was wilder than Nick Nolte’s in “that” infamous police mug shot.

The upshot being that it’s inspired me to do something about it. OK, so I can’t really control how often Ava wakes up in the night – and last night it was a lot – but I seriously need to lose weight (probably about two stone), as well as take care of my face and shave more often.

Yes, I know people always do themselves down, but in this case, it’s probably not far from the truth. I’ll keep an ongoing check on my personal well-being!

Crikey, today’s been long. It’s still 20 minutes t…

Crikey, today’s been long. It’s still 20 minutes till home time and I’m having problems getting through the day.

Had a lovely weekend, which wasn’t particularly exciting by most people’s standards, but was just enjoyable.

Bluewater! What a place – it comes to something when you’re praising a shopping centre because it’s child-friendly and easy to get round! Seriously, though, it made for an interesting afternoon, rather than sitting at home doing nothing.

Shame we both got the date of the Farmer’s market wrong – could have sworn it was this weekend, but of course, it was last weekend. Muppet!

Anyway, today’s almost over and I’ve tired of researching social networking sites – they’re all the same after a while. Not that it stops me surfing and checking out different people’s lives. Being nosey is great, isn’t it?

Mood? Defiantly happy!