Crikey, today’s been long. It’s still 20 minutes t…

Crikey, today’s been long. It’s still 20 minutes till home time and I’m having problems getting through the day.

Had a lovely weekend, which wasn’t particularly exciting by most people’s standards, but was just enjoyable.

Bluewater! What a place – it comes to something when you’re praising a shopping centre because it’s child-friendly and easy to get round! Seriously, though, it made for an interesting afternoon, rather than sitting at home doing nothing.

Shame we both got the date of the Farmer’s market wrong – could have sworn it was this weekend, but of course, it was last weekend. Muppet!

Anyway, today’s almost over and I’ve tired of researching social networking sites – they’re all the same after a while. Not that it stops me surfing and checking out different people’s lives. Being nosey is great, isn’t it?

Mood? Defiantly happy!

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