Nigella owns her own Routemaster!

Nigella LawsonI’m not obsessed with Nigella Lawson (honestly), but I have to make a point about this week’s episode of her ludicrous new series Nigella Express.

The ridiculously stilted and staged set-pieces that intersperse the actual cooking are bad enough – getting her son to pretend to be Kevin The Teenager was a particular lowlight – but this week, in an effort to pretend that she’s really ‘one of the hoi polloi’, Nigella was pictured (gasp!) on the bus!

Clearly, the one thing Nigella will never be able to do is blend in with the rest of the plebs in Primark, but they tried, by putting her on London’s cheapest method of transport.

Unfortunately, someone forgot to point out to Nigella (and the rest of the production team) that the iconic Routemaster buses (on which our esteemed cook was sitting) were phased out almost two years ago.

Obviously, if Nigella needs to go out nowadays and can’t find a taxi, she calls up her personal 98 Routemaster to make it look as if she’s not really that posh, after all.

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