Nigella-watch Part 3

Another week, another post about the ridiculous new series of Nigella Express.

This week’s episode reached the height of all absurdity, simply because of the horrible language the Ms Lawson uses when describing the food.

Lest it be forgotten, Nigella started out as a food writer, rather than a finger-licking kitchen siren, so it’s inevitable that some of her language will be a bit flowery, but I’m going to give you a couple of examples:

– “I just love the haunting brininess of the olives”

– “Mmm, I adore the resin-y rosemary”

Haunting brininess? Does that mean the olives wear white sheets over their heads?

It’s a shame, because her food is often pretty tasty, but this new series is light on good recipes and heavy on mannered looks to the camera, the incessant reminders that “I’m too lazy to chop up an onion” and the ridiculous segments where she “meets friends”.

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