So my Dad’s recently started chemotherapy to try and remove his pesky brain tumour (does that make it sound like something out of Scooby Doo? Good!)

He’s very matter-of-fact about it all. He got through the radiotherapy part of it fairly easily, with a few tired spells, but not a lot of other bother.

This time, though, I don’t think it’ll be quite as easy. I spoke to him last night and he’d had to take a couple of days off. It’s sucks so much that something that is meant to be making you better actually makes you feel like crap a lot of the time.

I can’t begin to pretend I know how he’s feeling. It’s bad enough knowing that you’ve got this lump inside your head growing and making you act slightly weirdly.

That a doctor then gives you a bunch of powerful drugs that are only hopefully going to reduce this lump, but also make you feel like shit simply compounds it.

The fact that my dad seems to be quite stoic about it all doesn’t surprise me, but it makes me feel just so helpless. I can do nothing other than talk to him regularly and offer words of cold comfort.

What makes it suck even more is that I was meant to see him and my step-mum this weekend, but unfortunately, as my little girl has a cold, he is very sensibly staying away.

Let’s just hope the next few months go as well as can be expected.

2 thoughts on “Helpless”

  1. Wow. That’s some heavy stuff, Rob. Still, your dad sounds a corker, and if he’s being stoic, take your lead from him. Hope all progresses satisfactorily.

  2. Thanks, Clair. It’s a very weird situation. I’m not intending to get hysterical about it all, but it sometimes feels very unreal.

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