The worst telesales call ever!

Telesales operator - no, not JamesI don’t normally get telesales people calling me, as I’m pretty good at un/ticking the boxes, but sometimes obviously some get through the net.

Last night, I received possibly the most bizarre call ever on my mobile – caller ID says ‘Private No’.

The time: 8.47pm

Me (nervously): He-llo

Caller: Hi, is that Rob?

Me (even more nervously): Err, yes

Caller: Rob, it’s James from First Vitality

Me: Errr, hi

James: You’ve ordered Omega 3 tablets from us before, right?

Me: I don’t think so

James (flummoxed): Oh… well, do you reckon you will?

Me: Probably not

James: Well, you should, they’re really good

Me: Right…

James: Why not check out our website for them some time…

Me: OK

James: Thanks, then. Bye!

End of conversation

I’m not mad, am I? That is totally shit, isn’t it? And no, I haven’t even bothered to look at the First Vitality website since.

2 thoughts on “The worst telesales call ever!”

  1. Nice. I mean awful. I used to go to school with a guy who went on to become a kitchen company’s telesales supervisor. My sister worked with him part time while she was a student. When there were special offers – I dunno, like a fiver off a fitted kitchen, this dude would cold-call people saying “Hi! This is Ted from Crap (probably not their real name) Kitchens, and have I got news for you!”. Yeah Ted. I’ve got news for you too – fuck off!

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