Mind-numbing Melua

Katie MeluaThis is hard to believe, but the warbling Georgian that is Katie Melua releases her new album on Monday.

First, before you disappear immediately, this is not a plug for the album. Far from it. And anyway, I very much doubt that anything I say will stop her third offering hitting the top of the charts next Sunday.

I guess I’m still baffled by the popularity of her. She’s apparently the biggest-selling female artist in the country and the question I have to ask is: why?

Among the least obvious attributes are her bland, monotonous voice, equally uninspiring songs and older-than-her-years attitude. Come on, we’ve all wondered what the difference is between 22 and 17, haven’t we?

Sure, she’s a nice enough girl and, funnily enough, she wasn’t beaten with the ugly stick when she was born, but that alone shouldn’t mean she has maintained a career beyond her 2nd album, should it?

What on earth do people get out of her music? “There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing…” – well, whoopee, what a great premise for a song.

And possibly the biggest crime she committed was duetting with Shane McGowan from the Pogues a couple of years ago on a new version of Fairytale In New York. Kirsty MacColl would have been spinning in her grave!

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