Mazzy Star – Halah

It’s A’s birthday and this song reminds me of her birth, simply because it was one of the albums that we took into the hospital to listen to while we were waiting for her to arrive.

I don’t actually think it was playing when she was born, but it brings back happy memories…

Mazzy Star were effectively a one-album wonder, their debut She Hangs Brightly, although they released two further albums later in the 90s.

They never really had any success in the UK and have picked up a sort of cult status in this country, mainly through the help of the internet.

Their singer Hope Sandoval has a wonderful ethereal quality to her voice and, since Mazzy Star’s split, has recorded with a folk hero of mine Bert Jansch.

Halah is a dreamy, almost psychedelic track from She Hangs Brightly and typifies this album. Glorious!

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