Greetings to Netherlands Antilles

One of the freakiest things about having a blog is the ability to see where people are reading it from.

Now clearly I don’t mean their bedroom or at work, I’m talking country here.

It was a surprise to see someone in Nigeria had stumbled across the nonsense that I write, but then I spotted that someone from the Netherlands Antilles had visited.

Wow! The Dutch Antilles – I have to confess not even being 100% sure where they are.

I’ve since checked and it’s a group of islands in the Caribbean, including Curacao.

Goodness knows what they typed into Google to reach this space. I hope it was worth it! If you’re still reading, let me know, please!

4 thoughts on “Greetings to Netherlands Antilles”

  1. Ah yes. I’m a sitemeter addict. I got San Salvador this morning, very exciting. I’m not sure what I like best – locations or search terms. I want to write a post for whoever found me searching for “let them eat cake jacket” and “blogs about socks and sandals”.

  2. Oh, I’m with you on search terms – they’re great as well. I got loads of hits for writing an entry on Barry Norman’s pickled onions that was right at the top of Google for a while.

    And I regularly search for blogs about socks and sandals – doesn’t everyone? ;o)

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