Polish building supplies

ScrewsI was sitting gazing out of my window this morning, when I saw a big white van draw up over the road bearing the sign Polish Building Supplies.

Yes, the Eastern Europeans have truly gained a foothold, in the South-east at least, when they have their very own building suppliers, selling Polish makes of screw, wood and tools, among other things.

Amazing as it may seem, all those friendly handymen from the likes of Warsaw, Krakow or Gdansk, don’t pop down to Wickes or Jewson to get their screwdrivers, 4×2 and jigsaws. They buy it from their very own Polish supplier.

Now, I could always understand why Polish delicatessen has become a big thing in the UK. The likes of pickled vegetables and pierogi are not popular in your local Sainsbury or Tesco, so it was only sensible for someone to start marketing it in areas where there is a high population of Poles.

But building supplies? Isn’t a screw a screw? Aren’t all types of Rawlplug, pickaxe or dowelling much of a muchness? Surely, even a Pole shouldn’t need to buy the specific variety of nail he’s used to, should he? It’s not as if they taste any different.

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