Laws of Chance and Coincidence

Everyone has a remarkable story of a chance encounter, or unlikely coincidence. And, even though I know that they’re statistically likely, they still amaze me.

Coincidence, according to Wikipedia is, “the noteworthy alignment of two or more events or circumstances without obvious causal connection.”

Now I’ve just come back from a break in Somerset and amazingly bumped into someone I know in a service station on the M4.

The friend, former Top Gear presenter Jason Barlow as it happens, is currently making a C4 Dispatches programme about road pricing and was heading down to the West Country to interview someone for it.

Given that he rarely strays down the M4 and lives in Hertfordshire, and we were off on a one-time trip to Somerset, I find this a rather large coincidence. Of all the 60 million people in the UK, I was standing next to him in the queue to buy a coffee.

Obviously, a mathematician would give me a extremely logical explanation as to why it wasn’t that coincidental that we bumped into each other, but I still think it was pretty impressive. So ya boo sucks to logic!

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